Hoapili Trail Maui

This is one of my favorite hikes ever so I thought it deserved it own post. It’s not a really difficult hike but the terrain is mostly lava rocks so wear good shoes (I attempted this once in flip flops and my feet hated me after). Bring lots of water because there isn’t a ton of shade and it’s a pretty long hike if you do the whole thing (just over 5 miles). The trail is where Maui had it’s most recent lava flow. It has a lot of history to it and is also often called “King’s Highway”.

We didn’t see many people on Hoapili trail when we were there which really surprises me because it’s such a good hike (definitely way at the top of my list for Maui hikes) and I would consider it kid friendly. My boys are 11 and 12 and this was a breeze for them. Younger kids might not be able to make the full hike but there aren’t any really steep drop offs or anything like a lot of the other hikes just a very rocky path and lots of beautiful and very unique beaches to stop and rest if you need to. The lava rocks can be very sharp so if you have little ones you might want to bring some basic first aid supplies in case they fall (or in case you fall….I did trip quite a few times but managed to make it out scrape free). If your kids get tired just tell them there are goats along the way…. yes you heard me right…GOATS! They aren’t particularly friendly so definitely not the kind you would want to try to feed or pet but they keep their distance and and do their goat things and are happy to let us watch them from afar. We saw a mama goat with her baby and they were giving each other kisses and it was so sweet. When we got towards the end of the path a tribe of goats (yes, I had to google what a heard of goats is called) stampeded right in front of us. It was so random and out of nowhere we all just kind of stood there and watched like what is happening right now. Haha. You really have to look to see the goats in the some of the pics because they blend in with the surroundings so well you almost can’t even see them. I swear I have more pictures of the goats from this hike than I do of us.

I love this Maui hike so much because it goes along the shoreline and the scenery is just so dreamy and so different. Each little beach is different and beautiful in its own way and you walk through a little forest for a bit where the goats live and it’s just such a unique atmosphere with the lava rocks and the beautiful turquoise water, tropical plants, did I mention goats?, dolphins, mountains, and islands in the background. There is even a small blowhole at the beginning of the trail that the kids love to watch. I recommend really taking your time on this one to stop and enjoy it all.

Ok so you probably want to know how to get there right?! The hike begins at La Perouse Bay. Drive South on Makena Road until it ends and you will arrive at the La Perouse Bay parking lot where the trail starts. Go as early as you can because the parking does fill up and make sure to bring lots of water and sunscreen. Trust me it’s worth the drive no matter what part of Maui you are staying on.

Sugar Beach Bake Shop Maui

If you’re hungry after the hike (obviously right…that’s a lot of walking and sometimes protein bars just don’t cut it), there is a taco truck on the way back that I’ve heard is amazing and our favorite pizza place in Kihei, Outrigger Pizza (get the lilikoi pizza) is not too far out of the way when you head back to town. Da Kitchen is also one of my favorite spots to grab a bite in that area. They closed their old location and are now located inside of Piko Cafe and their food is just as good if not better! I always get the Kalua pork plate. If you are in the mood for something sweet check out The Cinnamon Roll Place for some yummy cinnamon rolls or Sugar Beach Bake Shop (You have to try the lilikoi key lime pie…. and yes, I’m lilikoi obsessed. haha) which is right next to Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice if you would rather have something to cool off. You could also pack a lunch and stop at one of the many beautiful beaches along the trail for a picnic. Thanks for reading and I hope you love this hike as much as I do!


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