Pink sweater (Under $20) and also available in grey and turquoise.  I also love This One / Shorts (Under $30)

We found THE best donut shop….Sidecar Donuts in Santa Monica. We all agreed these were the best donuts we have ever had and we highly recommend!

California tee ($12.99) / Boy’s Nirvana tee (on sale for under $7)


Boy’s Ramones tee / Similar boardshorts / Similar boardshorts

He was so determined to hang on there.


Tank / Shorts Under $25

I love Santa Monica and this hotel!

 Overall dress / Similar top /


There is a park with a great view of the Hollywood sign and a cute little playground for the kids! The boys didn’t want to leave. Honestly I wish I could tell you where it is but we found it entirely by accident!
I think we would all agree that this was definitely not our favorite part of the trip but I’m glad we went to see it. And Quentin Tarantino is my fave so I’m glad I got to snap this pic.


Leopard skirt / Red tee (On sale right now for $2.40!!!) / Shoes super comfy and under $25!


I just can’t resist a gigantic Lemon mural.
I had that Weezer song stuck in my head ALL day.  But I love Weezer so that’s ok!
Venice Beach. We all loved the graffiti art and all of the murals. I’m obsessed with murals.

Tank and shorts listed above / Shoes (They are so comfy that I bought these and had to get the black too! Under $25!)


Santa Monica Pier
We don’t have swings on the beach in Florida (they wouldn’t last long with the hurricanes) so we thought this was just awesome!!
Riding the Ferris Wheel at Santa Monica Pier. I’m terrified of heights and this was my first time ever on a Ferris Wheel. I’m trying to conquer my fear and do things with the kids that terrify me.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

My tee is sold out but I also love this One that I own and almost wore that day / Jeans



Taking pictures of the waves of course!


Gorgeous Santa Monica Sunset

I can already tell this is going to be a long post with all of the ramblings going on in my head right now. These are just a few of the pics from our California trip. We spent most of our time in Santa Monica where we were staying at The Courtyard Marriott . We all LOVED this hotel especially the kids. The rooms were all so clean and modern and fun and very roomy which is a huge plus when you have kids. We had a nice balcony too where we sat outside and drank our coffee and ate breakfast in our pjs every morning. They have a Starbucks in the lobby which is the best thing ever when you are a coffee addict like me.  The hotel is also within walking distance of the Pier, the Promenade, downtown Santa Monica, and we walked to  Venice and Muscle Beach but it was quite a trek especially with the kids so I would recommend renting bikes or taking an Uber (we figured it out that we walked almost 10 miles that day!). Our trip was really short and last minute so we were totally winging it the entire time which is kind of a first for me. I usually like to plan plan plan so we can make sure we see and do everything. We booked our trip 24 hours before our plane departed and got there super late Thursday evening and stayed until Monday evening taking the red eye back so only 3 full days.

The first morning, Jonathan had to go look at a car which was our main reason for flying out there on such short notice. Long story short…. he ended up shipping a bright orange Lamborghini back to Florida and it’s now sitting in our garage. He loves exotic fast cars and it makes me so happy that he was able to basically get his dream car…..the boys love it too! You can follow him on Instagram to see pics @launchnukes

Anyway….back to California. In Santa Monica we went to the Pier and rode some rides (you have to at least ride the Ferris wheel and the Merry-Go-Round) then we got ice cream at Soda Jerks. There is also a park right next to the Pier with swings and a playground but I can’t remember the name. We spent a lot of time there and the boys loved it. We all thought the swings on the beach were the coolest thing ever and I would be there every single day if we had a park like that in Florida (hurricanes makes that not such a great idea here though 😔).  Another one of our Santa Monica favorites was Sidecar Donuts. Their donuts were so good we had to go there again before we left for the airport. Best. Donuts. Ever. The boys were also completely obsessed with a candy store on 3rd St Promenade called It’s Sugar. I can’t even tell you how many times we were in that store but it was pretty awesome…..for the kids I mean. 😉

One morning we walked to Venice beach and Muscle beach and kind of played at all of the little parks on the beach along the way. The kids didn’t want to ride bikes so we decided to walk and it was a LONG walk…. like 5 miles one way so I wouldn’t recommend walking unless you really like to walk…A LOT.  There are some really cool murals and graffiti art along the way too. When we got back we drove to Malibu and did some beach hopping and took in the gorgeous views along the PCH.

Once we finally ventured into LA we took the boys to the La Brea Tarpits. They are still talking about this place and ask me at least once a week when we are going to go back.   If you have kids take them and if you don’t it’s still really awesome and you should go. We went to Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive and walked around for a while oogling all of the nice cars.  Hollywood wasn’t really our jam but we went, we saw, and we conquered a venti iced coffee and some Frappuccinos at the Starbucks there and took a few pics with our favorite stars (the ones on the sidewalk not the actual people which would’ve been way cooler). Our favorite part of Hollywood was accidentally finding a park with a playground for the kids and an awesome view of the Hollywood sign.

We really wanted to go to Griffith Park but ended up not having enough time. We will be back in LA next month and are also taking the kids to Disneyland and driving down the PCH to San Diego stopping in Laguna Beach on the way so if anyone has any recommendations for those spots please send them my way!!

I told you this was going to be a long one! I hope everyone is having a great week! I was going to write more ramblings about how I was really missing my boys today and how I just couldn’t wait to pick them up from school so I could give them big hugs (and of course they got in the car arguing but I was still glad see them) and how they have been doing the sweetest things lately (when they aren’t arguing) like making presents and being “Secret Santa’s.  And I almost forgot to mention this but if you follow my insta stories you may have seen me post about how our hedgehog, Spike, just had 3 babies!! This was a pretty big surprise since we had no clue she was even pregnant! I went in to get her out of her cage so we could play with her and….. babies!! We can’t disturb her for a couple of weeks now because she has to stay in her nest and take care of her babies so I probably won’t have pictures of them for a while but they are the cutest little baby hedgies! We just got her about a month ago for Nic as an early Christmas present because he has been asking for one for months and knows just about everything about them from watching YouTube videos. I really just thought she was getting chunky from eating too much…she’s only 3 months old so we didn’t know they could have babies that young but obviously something happened at the pet store 😉 Anyway….that is our excitement at home right now. Is anyone else going to see the new Star Wars movie this weekend? I can’t wait! xo

Family Pictures: Coordinating, the best places to shop, and tips for taking your own

Family Pictures: Coordinating, the best places to shop, and tips for taking your own



My cheesy edit






I’m a sitting here watching “Jingle All the Way” with the kids while I’m writing this on my phone. I love that movie!! One of the Christmas classics in my opinion.  These are a few of our Christmas pictures from over the years. The first few are from last year and the last ones are from a couple of years ago. I have really been procrastinating with the family pictures this year. My kids hate structured photo shoots, hate dressing up, and I always struggle to find things that they will wear and to have us all somewhat coordinate. I’m trying not to stress about it this year and just trying to come up with something that works for all of us and our personalities. It’s hard to get good pictures if the kids are grumpy so I try to think of creative ways to make them fun and if that doesn’t work you can really get creative like my first photo…no smiles needed. 😉 I haven’t even picked out our outfits yet but I’m going to try to get it together at some point this week.  I always do our pictures with the camera timer because it just seems even more stressful to have to book a shoot and then who knows if the weather or the kids will cooperate so I just look on Pinterest to get some ideas and come up with a color scheme (more on that later in this post) and go from there. I like to have some props for Christmas pictures because it’s just more fun for the kids that way but if you want to have something that doesn’t scream “Christmas” that you can hang on the wall year round then you might want to stay away from the candy canes and Santa hats.😉 If you have a good digital camera (we use This one) or even your phone (if you just want something decent to throw on a card to send your family) and a tripod you can take your own pictures to save some money and avoid the added stress of “will the weather cooperate” or “oh no one of the kids are sick” or if you just plain aren’t feelin it that day and wake up with a monster breakout or something.

When you are trying to coordinate an entire family without looking too matchy matchy it can be a little overwhelming. I try to stay away from having my kids in the exact same outfit (although last year they were very similar but we were going for an all red beachy thing so I guess I kind of worked?). The best tip I have found is to pick out a plaid that you like and use those colors to coordinate everyone. You don’t even have to have anyone wear the plaid but it helps keep your color scheme together. For example… if you choose a plaid with red, navy, and gold you can mix patterns but they all have to have one or more of those colors. Every person doesn’t have to wear ALL of those colors but you should have 2-4 colors that you can kind of “flow” between everyone in the family.  I also love accessories..hats, suspenders, scarves  and don’t be afraid to mix casual and dressy. I love boys with converse and bow ties and baseball caps. Let the kids show some of their individual style. When in doubt keep it classic with gold and cream or black, red and black, forest green with grey and navy or gold, or red and navy. Those are a few of my favorite color schemes for Fall and winter photos. I hope that helps. You don’t need to go out and buy all new outfits. Go through your closets and see what you already have that will work…sometimes I’m really surprised at what I can come up with from things we already own. You can always get a few accessories to tie everything together too.

If you have kids like mine that hate dressing up and would rather do homework than take family pictures…try to come up with a cute creative photo idea with some fun props or throw in some candy….pjs maybe or maybe something casual at the beach if you have that option or really anywhere outdoors. Candy bribes work well too (shhh…I didn’t say that 😜). Another thing that is always a factor for us is sunny days….both me and my kids have extremely light sensitive eyes so for us it’s either a very cloudy day, sunglasses, indoor pictures or get creative so we don’t have to look at the camera.

Anyway, here are a few things I really liked for possible outfits for either holiday pictures or just a cute outfit for whatever you have planned and some things that I found I thought were really cute for the kids.

1.  Letters to Santa Kit
I just bought one of these for my kids and we are waiting to get our letters back from Santa! This is just awesome and only $3!!

2.Santa Mailbox
How cute is this ?!?!

3. Naughty And Nice Kids Trucker hats. These are so cute and great quality. I ordered my boys the “naughty” ones 😜

4. Boys plaid suit Does it get and cuter than this?!?

5. My favorite stockings We have had these since the boys were born. We even have one for our cats.

6. Santa Bags These are so cute to put each child’s presents in under the tree. Also great so they don’t have to search to find the ones with their names on and they know which ones are theirs in their own bag.

7. Bow tie onesie So cute!

8. Reindeer Sweater

9. Bow Tie, Shirt, and Pants set Not good at coordinating the kids outfits? This one is already done for you!

10. Matching Kids Christmas light Pjs Boys And Girls

11. Boys Bow tie Comes in black or red.

1. Metallic lace dress 
2.Red lace dress
3.Turtleneck bodycon dress Under $13!
4. Red open back dress
5. Red pleated lace dress
6. Over the knee boots
7. Green off shoulder dress
8. Red dress
9. Over the knee boots
10. Wrap around dress Unseen $15!
11. Velvet dress Comes in 2 colors.
12. Star mesh skater dress
13. Ruffle wrap mini dress
14. Ruffle sleeve dress

1. Girls plaid jumper

2. Girls tartan fit and flair dress

3. Girls layered look dress

Some of my favorite places to shop for inexpensive dress are Here  Here And Here

You can see more of my holiday fashion picks Here

Thanks for reading!! Gift guides are coming soon! xo



The picture above is from our Christmas card last year and doesn’t really have anything to do with this post but I’m currently working on a post with tips for taking holiday photos and I have found so many new beauty products that I’m loving that I thought I should do a whole post dedicated to the make-up aspect. It’s so hard to find a good foundation that covers well and lasts and it can be stressful spending money on ones that don’t work so I wanted to tell you about the ones I have found that I really like. I included a few different price points as well.

Anyway, I haven’t been posting on here much lately because I guess you could say this is my “busy season”…. so much going on with work and kids activities and trying to get ready for the holidays not to mention the week long migraine I had last week that just would not go away!! I’m trying to get back to posting on here more regularly and I still have yet to post anything from our California trip (we will be going back in January so I better get on that 😉). I am so ready for a little break this week for Thanksgiving! Does anyone have anything exciting planned for this weekend?

This is my all time favorite foundation that I have been using for a while along with This and This and I still think they are amazing but you know me…I can’t use one thing for too long without venturing out to try something new and those are on the pricier side so I have been searching for a comparable drug store brand and I think I finally found 2 that can measure up! I have also been kind of intrigued by the “HD” foundations and the ones that claim to make you look amazing in pictures. Well… drumroll please… I purchased This foundation at Walgreens for $5.99! Of course I was skeptical because of the price and if you can get past the initial smell of this (it smells a little strong at first but it goes away as soon as you apply it) it is just amazing!! It has great staying power and a nice selection of shades to choose from too. I live in Florida and it’s nearly impossible to find any foundation that will stay on my face in this humidity and this one really held up all day and had awesome medium coverage. And I did take a couple of cheesy selfies which I’m going to refrain from posting on here….ok maybe I will post them later if anyone is really that interested but it actually did seem to almost “Snapchat” filter my face a little if you know what I mean. 😉 The other foundation that I tried was This one which is a little pricier at just under $13 but still much cheaper than all of the higher end brands and it made my face feel like silk. Great coverage, stayed on all day, and again I do feel like it was almost like having a permanent “Snapchat” filter (minus the animal ears 😜). It was totally worth the $13 and both of these are going to be sitting right next to my higher end stuff because they are THAT good!

As far as concealers go This is my all time new favorite. It is by far THE BEST concealer I have ever used and it is worth every penny! You know those red marks you get from wearing sunglasses because your make up rubs off and and they stay there forever so you look like a total freak when you take your sunglasses (glasses) off? No? Maybe it’s just me. I wear sunglasses every day so I hate to constantly be trying to touch up my make-up so those little red marks aren’t there and then nothing covers them anyway! Ok so my point is that this concealer that I just linked to above actually stays on and I don’t get those annoying red marks anymore!! 🙌🏻 If you are making your Christmas list you are definitely going to want to ask Santa for this one. It has the best coverage I have ever had for a concealer and it really just brightens up and covers my dark circles so well.

My runner up for a less pricey drugstore brand is This one . It doesn’t quite have the staying power that the more expensive one does but it still covers great and has the same brightening effect and at $3.99 you really can’t go wrong! Please excuses any typos in this post. I was finishing it up on my phone while I was in the car loop picking up my kids and autocorrect kept changing words around so I’m sure there is probably something I missed! I hope everyone has an amazing week and a very happy Thanksgiving!! xo

You can see more of my beauty favorites Here. I am constantly adding to this list because I love to try new products so check back often!



Photo by my then 8 year old (he just turned 9 😭) Anytime you see a picture of Jonathan and I together it is usually taken by him. He takes better pics than some adults 😉😳


You might not be able to tell from these pictures but this swing was really hard to balance on!


My Swimsuit

If you go to Oahu you have to rent a car for a day and drive around the island. These swings are everywhere and it is so fun to stop at random beaches and just walk along and find these. This would be a perfect spot to watch the sunset too….I wanted to go back there to do that but we ran out of time. I swear I could spend a year on that island and still barely make a dent in my bucket list beacause there is so much to do and see. I think I had at least 90 things on my bucket list that I was hoping to do while we were there. We probably got through at least half of it. I guess there’s always next time! 😉

We stayed in an airbnb on the North Shore and spent a few days in Waikiki at the beginning of our trip where we stayed at the Hyatt Centric Waikiki Beach which was amazing!! The rooms are brand new and gorgeous. We had a suite on one of the top floors which had incredible views and it was close to everything. Waikiki will always have a special place in our hearts because that is where we spent our honeymoon. We got married young and when we got there we had a hard time because neither of us was technically old enough to rent a car or hotel room at the time but we got it all figured out eventually. On our honeymoon we lived on ramen and shave ice while we were there and mostly just beach hopped because we were too broke to do much else and all we had was a hand drawn map that a local gave us on the plane ride over. But don’t get me wrong….we had an amazing time and if I could do it all over again I would do it exactly the same! ❤️ (Ok….maybe I would wear make-up to our wedding this time and get a really pretty white dress and not have hair straight out of the ocean and hire a photographer but I loved our low key super low budget wedding). It was really fun to go back and bring the kids and stay somewhere really nice this time.

This month has been so crazy that’s why I haven’t had much time to post on here….birthdays, last minute trips (we planned out trip to California 24 hours before our plane departed 😳), so much work to get caught up on (I feel like our real estate business is expanding faster than we realized so we have been putting in a lot of extra hours lately)  and all of the Halloween and fall festivities. I’m currently writing this from my phone while I’m getting my hair done which is so overdue so please excuse any typos.  I think I finally have our Halloween costumes figured out…they are easy and not exactly what I was going for in the beginning but the kids are happy and picked theirs out so I just went from there. California was awesome and I’m so glad we decided to go at the last minute. (Posts coming soon!) The kids had that Friday off from school and Jonathan was looking at a Lamborghini (yes…seriously…crazy I know!) that he wanted to buy there so we decided to make the trip so he could see the car in person and we could have a little getaway and do all of the touristy things with the kids. They both want to move to Santa Monica now. 😉 We will be going back in January so if anyone has any suggestions for LA, Disneyland, and San Diego I would love to hear them. Also, on a totally random and unrelated note, I’m completely obsessed with getting one of those robotic vacuums. I’m not sure which brand to go with though so if anyone has one that they love leave me a comment and let me know. I have a Dyson now which I love but having time to vacuum everyday with everything we have going on is jus not happening and we have 2 cats (and 2 messy boys) so that is something that really should be happening. Well….Jonathan ended up buying the car and it arrived yesterday (I will post some pics soon!) ….he has worked so hard to get his dream car and I’m so proud of him. No one works harder and deserves it more than he does! I hope everyone has a great weekend!! We have the boys’ soccer games tonight, their fall festival at school tomorrow, and Sunday we are hoping to have time to take them to do some fun fall festivities. Happy Friday!! xo






That wave got us good!



We woke up at 5 am (6 hour time difference) and this was after the Lanikai pillbox hike, a few hours at Lanikai beach, and snorkeling at Hanauma Bay. The Venti was much needed. 😉

My Swimsuit (Under $20!)// Hat $26 (this is my favorite beach hat ever!)// Sunnies

Lanikai Beach is known to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and it definitely lives up to that! These pictures do not even begin to do it justice. I think this was our second or third day in Hawaii so we were still waking up pretty early with the 6 hour time difference. We didn’t mind at all though because we got out and about early and got to fit in a lot on these days. This day we started with the Lanikai Pillbox Hike, you can see my post on that Here. We finished up the hike around mid day and headed over to this gorgeous beach for a few hours to cool off. We didn’t get a ton of pictures because we were mostly just swimming and taking in the views and we took a lot of pics during the hike. I always bring lots of snacks so we didn’t have to stop for lunch yet. That is one thing you learn when you have kids…bring snacks if you don’t want to stop every 5 minutes to eat. Haha. The boys were really troopers though…after the hike, the beach, and then after this we went snorkeling at Hanauma bay and they were still going strong! It always amazing me how they never seem to get jet lag…ever!! Are anyone else’s kids like this? I feel like they adjust so much better than adults…not just to the different time zones but with altitude too whenever we go to the mountains. I always get altitude sickness the first day but they are totally fine. They definitely didn’t act like they were coming out of 15 hours of travel and they didn’t have jet lag at all when we got home either (unlike me 🙄). We ended up getting ginormous (aka Venti) iced coffees from Starbucks on the way back to our hotel (we stayed at the Hyatt Centric Waikiki Beach while we were in Waikiki which I highly recommend….the rooms were amazing….and at an airbnb on the North Shore) and the kids got their favorite vanilla bean Frappuccinos. If you haven’t noticed from all my coffee related graphic tees…I like coffee. 😉 As I am writing this it keeps telling me that my post is not saving so I REALLY hope I don’t have to rewrite this 🙄. Also, I’m drinking coffee right now with the new Reese’s Peanutbutter Cup coffee creamer I just got and I must say I’m a little disappointed. Too chocolately for me….just doesn’t go well with coffee and I LOVE Reese’s. Guess I will stick with the vanilla and pumpkin spice next time.

Anyway, if you go to Oahu you have to go to this beach because it is breathtakingly gorgeous and if you are up for it do the hike nearby too. It definitely isn’t for the weak or those who are afraid heights but it was a fairly easy climb for us (my kids made it so I’m sure you can too) and the views are amazing!!

Today is one of those Thursdays that definitely feels like it should be Friday! I’m going to try to get a few more posts up this weekend. We are doing a beach clean-up on Saturday (sooooo much trash has washed ashore after this storm 😢). We always bring a trash bag with us when we go to the beach and pick up any that we find. The kids have a birthday party to go too and we might hit up Legoland at some point. I hope everyone has a great weekend!! (I know it’s not officially Friday yet but almost!) xo






This Swimsuit is sold out from the Billabong Andy Warhol collection but I also love this one Billabong (On sale) // and this one Billabong (On sale!!) // The boys are wearing Quiksilver And Quiksilver

It only takes a category 5 hurricane for me to finally get around to posting some of our Hawaii pics! We have been so crazy busy lately that I just haven’t had time to go through all 3,000 pictures yet. But here I am sitting in a hotel room at 1 am writing this post because what else do you do when you drink Starbucks at 8 pm ( I totally thought it was like 3:30 🤷🏼‍♀️) and everyone else is sleeping. Way better than me checking hurricane updates every 2 seconds! Also, when I got up to get my IPad to do this post I ran into a chair and I’m pretty sure I have massive bruising on both of my legs now….kind of afraid to look at them in the morning. 🙈
Anyway, these pics are from one of my favorite days in Hawaii. Can you tell I had a hard time narrowing down the pics? Total over post here but I really had a hard time choosing. We were driving to check out another part of the island and stopped at a beach along the way where we found this rope swing attached to a guava tree. We ended up spending almost the whole day here because it was so nice and shady and the kids (ok and us too) were having so much fun on that rope swing! It is just so awesome that the people in Hawaii put all of these fun swings on the beach. They are everywhere… you just have to look for them which is part of the fun. We honestly had no clue we were going to find this when we stopped at a random beach for the day but it was such a nice surprise. The boys had fun with some of the fallen guavas too and were mashing them up trying to get us to eat them and making secret potions. Looking at these pictures REALLY makes me want to go back to Hawaii… especially since I am sitting here awaiting the arrival of hurricane Irma. We are safe where we evacuated to but will still be experiencing hurricane conditions so I might actually get some blogging done this weekend being stuck inside…and hopefully with power!🤞🏻 Anyone reading this who is also in Florida I hope you are all safe and I am sending lots if good vibes your way!! I will be posting some more from our trip to Hawaii soon! xo



1 .Free People // 2. Free People // 3. White dress // 4. Midi Dress


1. Nike // 2. Gladiators // 3. Converse // 4. Steve Madden // 5. Thigh High Boots


1. Le Specs // 2. Tory Burch // 3. Gold Hoops // 4. Drop Earrings // 5. Metallic straw convertible clutch // 6. Red faux leather tote


1. Free People // 2. Cold shoulder tee // 3. Citizens of Humanity // 4. Rag & Bone


1. MAC lipstick and pencil duo // 2. Philosophy Anti-wrinkle set // 3. Beachwaver


1. Tropical quilt // 2. Tropical Sham // 3. White Duvet Cover // 4. Egyptian Cotton Sheets // 5. Duvet cover // 6. Jute Rug // 7. Banana Leaf Shower Curtain // 8. Mermaid Scales Duvet Cover // 9. Good Morning Coffee Mugs // 10. Popsicle Molds //11. Wall Art Print Set

These are just a few of my Nordstrom Sale picks. If you want to see them all go to my shopstyle page Here. If you are stuck and trying to decide what to buy …those gladiators are amazing and I now have them in 3 colors (just ordered the 3rd) and they are so comfy and really go with ANYTHING! I am also a big fan of converse so I definitely recommend those too….again they go with EVERYTHING and are super comfy. I am also obsessed with over the knee boots and I have about 5 pairs which is a little crazy since I live in Florida and maybe have 3 days a year that I can wear them but I love them! Lately, I have had this thing with moto jackets too…I have a few on my shopstyle page but I forgot to add them to my picks on here.  The MAC lipstick and pencil duo is one of my favorite colors and is one of my go to lip colors. I bought that tropical quilt with the matching shams a while ago and I absolutely love it! It added so much color to our room (my other duvet cover was just white). I would also highly recommmend the rug ….we have jute rugs everywhere in our house and they are really great if you have kids and animals bc they don’t show dirt as much and are really durable.

Is it just me or does it seem like this week is going by really slow? It definitely feels like tomorrow should be Friday!! My boys decided to start their own YouTube channel so we made a little video for it today -“The Candy Challenge”. We had a ton of candy left over from Liam’s birthday party so they thought it would be fun to try to guess what kind of candy they were eating while they were blindfolded. They actually did really well…and Liam did a little too well since we realized he was peeking. Haha. The weather here has been so hot it’s hard to be outside unless you are in the pool or at the beach so I have been trying to find some things for us to do while we are stuck inside trying to beat the heat and the afternoon thunderstorms. Enjoy the rest of your week! xo