Summer Bucket List 4


Sitting here drinking my coffee annoyed that I couldn’t get this post up last night. Every time I add a featured photo my other photos disappear from the post (so random….never had that happen before) so hopefully I can get that fixed today since I started working on this over a month ago. Anyway, enough with my ranting but I was so excited to actually be able to work on my blog now that the boys are out of school and I don’t spend most of my day taking and picking them up from school (it will be soooo nice to have them at the same school again next year!). I usually work on my posts late at night when everyone else is sleeping but lately I’ve been so exhausted that instead of staying up late to finish things like I tell myself I’m going to do everyday, I end up just going to sleep. So here I am attempting this before I’ve even finished my coffee and have already had about 6 interruptions.


I made this bucket list back in April and we have already done a few things so far. I’m really excited to take some film pics and get them developed because it has been ages since I have done that and my kids have no idea what that is like. It was always such a fun surprise to see how they turn out and when you forget about some of them and the few randoms at the end when you need to use up the roll so you could get it developed. They were never perfect but imperfectly perfect.

We are excited to start a garden too. We had one when the boys were little and they’ve been asking to do it again. It was so fun and easier than you think. We grew carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, strawberries and lots of other stuff too and I am definitely no gardening expert. You don’t need to have a ton of space. We just did one of those raised garden beds that we built ourselves and we will probably do the same thing again. I love planting fruit trees too. We have a Mango tree, Orange Tree, and Guava tree and recently planted some pineapples.


Slides linked Here (soooo comfy and comes in lots of colors)

Summer always seems like it will be so long and then before you know it you’re ordering your your first PSL of the season. I make lists for everything so I love making little bucket lists for the seasons even if we don’t get to do everything at least we have some ideas. I already got everything so we can do a painting day at the beach or maybe just in the backyard if it’s too hot. I’m always amazed at what I can find at the Dollar Store. If you need inexpensive painting supplies they had everything….canvases, paint, brushes, paint palettes…really everything! I always check there for craft supplies first since they are usually always cheaper and most of the time just as good.



This is a list of things I want to do with my kids (trying to spend as much time with them as I can before they get to the age where I’m not cool enough to hang out with anymore….hehe) but most these would be fun things for any age. I’ve always been a kid at heart and still love making friendship bracelets and playing with sidewalk chalk. My motto has always been if you enjoy the little things in life then everyday is a fun adventure. We might not be able to travel to far away exotic places everyday but we can still find ways to have fun even if its in our own backyard. Happy June! (And I totally cant believe it’s June already!)

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