When I was growing up, my mom worked as a hair stylist so I was always lucky to get the best of the best when it came to hair products. I have been using the JOICO conditioner that I linked to since high school and it is amazing! A few of these products I have been using for a REALLY long time…that conditioner, the Redken leave-in treatment, and the dry shampoo have been my favorites for years. I have always tried to be good to my hair but bleaching and styling can really take a toll on it especially when you have long hair. This past year I have been trying to get my hair back to being healthy after having it over bleached by a couple of stylists and it was really not in good shape. I had another stylist put an awful looking gold toner on even after I told her not to, so then I had over bleached and slightly orange hair. Let me tell you…those toners do not go away easily if you are very blonde. I can still see some of it in my ends and that was almost a year ago. Anyway, I found OLAPLEX a few months ago and that combined with the collagen supplement and vitamins I linked to above have done wonders for my hair. I am in no way affiliated with either of those companies and I am getting no compensation for writing this. I just really love their products.

Another one of my favorite things are those little conditioner packets (linked above). They are great for traveling too and I like to put them on my hair when it’s dry, put a processing cap on (I linked to those above), and leave it sit on for about 20 minutes so it can really soak in. Then you can shampoo and condition with your usual conditioner. I linked to my favorite conditioners above. I really love It’s a 10 and JOICO. You can also put these on after you shampoo and leave them on your damp hair with the processing cap for about 20 minutes but I just find that they weight my hair down too much that way so that’s why I do it before.

I have been meaning to do a beach wave tutorial so I will try to get to that soon but for now I will just tell you how I do it. The Bumble and Bumble Surf line is great for getting beach waves. I wash my hair and condition as usual and then use the Bumble and Bumble products before I braid it. You will want to let your hair air dry so it is just damp and not soaking wet (you can also do this with dry hair and just wet it until it’s damp). Depending on how loose you want the waves do either one French braid or 2 (or 3 if you want really tight waves). Usually I do just one and sleep with it in. My hair is usually dry in the morning so I can take it out and if there are any pieces that aren’t as wavy as I want them to be I curl just those pieces with this wand (I also linked to this and the other size I use above). Then you want to spray it with some more of the surf spray and you have your beach waves!

I don’t blow dry or heat style my hair very often to avoid damage. Honestly, I might blow dry it 5 times a year if that. I just try to wash it when I will have time for it to air dry or at night. My hair is very straight so I usually do the no heat beach waves by braiding it if I want some texture. I definitely use my curling wands more than my blow dryer but the one I linked to I love because it is so quiet and it has a few different temperature settings. It’s not that pricey as far as blow dryers go either.

I’m so excited that today is Friday even if I do have to get up at 6 am tomorrow for the boys’ soccer games. Have a fabulous weekend!!

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