I am the palest Florida girl ever but who doesn’t want to be tan….especially in the summer and we have summer weather year round here so using a self tanner has become a huge part of my beauty routine. It’s slimming, helps to hide to random bruises that you have no clue where they came from (please tell me I’m not alone on this), and it just makes me feel better about myself in a swimsuit. Believe me when I tell you I have tried them all. This one is my all time favorite that I have been using for a few years. Make sure you get the regular mouse not the 2 Hour Express. The regular one you have to leave on overnight but it works much better and I am really pale but I always get the Ultra Dark and I feel like that one gives you a much better tan than the lighter shades that don’t seem to do much. Don’t be scared if you are pale like me and you think it will be too dark, it’s really not and it gets a shade or so lighter when you rinse it in the morning too. You will probably freak out when you put it on and see how dark it looks but it will be a few shades lighter and I really like that it has pigment since that makes it easier to apply and see any spots you missed. I usually apply once a week at night and make sure you wear loose dark clothes to sleep in and let it dry before you get dressed. Also, try to avoid sweating since that will leave streaks and if you have light colored sheets you might want to put down some darker ones so it doesn’t get on your pretty sheets and ruin them. I will get more into the application detail in my tips below.


This might seem like a given but I just in case I wanted to mention it. Make sure you wash off all lotions, shave, and exfoliate especially any dry areas like knees, ankles, feet, elbows etc and if you have any leftover tanner on make sure all of that is gone before you get ready to apply.


Again this is probably common knowledge but make sure you put your hair up (You don’t want to get this stuff in blonde hair especially…trust me! And if you want to be extra cautious wear a shower cap until you are finished and dressed). Then you can put lotion on your dry areas (I use this one but any that isn’t really oily will work fine), usually elbows, knees, ankles, feet, etc and you are almost ready to tan. I like to use disposable gloves like these to apply my tanner but you can also use a mitt like the ones I linked below. I just feel like you have more control with the application when you are wearing the gloves since you have full range of motion with your hands and fingers instead of having a bulky mitt that you have to wash afterwards. It’s really just at matter of preference though. I just seem to get better application with less streaks when I use the glove method and it’s easier to bring a few gloves when you travel.


Start by spraying some of the mouse in your hands (I always like the mouse better because it seems to go on more evenly) and obviously make sure you have your glove or mitt on first so you don’t get orange hands. I usually start on my torso and work my way down but I don’t think it really matters. skip your knees, ankles, and feet for now (and any other really dry spots you might have). After you have done everywhere else, put a tiny bit of lotion (the size of a penny should do it or half a pump if you are using that kind of lotion) and then put some more mouse in your hands and mix it with the lotion. Use this mixture to do your dry spots mentioned above. If they are really dry spots use a little more lotion. I honestly never do my hands because I have found it is pointless since we all wash our hands so much it ends up coming off and fading really fast anyway. After you take your gloves off , just use a make-up sponge like these to sort of blend the tanner from your wrists onto your hand with a tiny bit of lotion. It doesn’t look weird because you are blending it so there won’t be a line of tan and not tan. If you want to apply it to your hands use the make-up sponge and use the lotion method I mentioned above on any dry areas and only do the tops of your hands. Let your tan dry for a few minutes before getting dressed into loose dark clothing and as I mentioned earlier make sure you have some sheets on your bed that are darker so they don’t get ruined while you are sleeping in your tan. Also, try to make sure you don’t get too hot during the night because you don’t want to sweat and get streaks.

4. Face

I use this one on my face and I love it because it goes on so well under my make-up and has anti-aging benefits too. It is one of few that doesn’t make me break out. It has lasted me almost a year now and I use it everyday! A little goes a long way. It gives you a little healthy glow but doesn’t make you orange at all or look like you over did it. Definitely my favorite face tanner of all time!

5. RINSE, ADMIRE, AND MAINTAIN When you wake up, shower and rinse off your tanner and I don’t think I mentioned this yet but this tanner doesn’t have that awful smell that some do so that is a definite plus! You still will want to rinse it off in the morning though so it doesn’t get on your clothes. I always keep a pumice stone in the shower so I can use it on any dark spots that absorbed too much or any streaks and that takes them right off (just don’t scrub too hard or you will have a white spot). Once you are done rinsing, apply some lotion and admire your tan! Make sure you keep your skin moisturized for a longer lasting tan. Mine usually lasts about a week. The mouse goes a long way and should last you at least 3 months if you do weekly applications. I will link everything you need below and my two favorite tanners. Loving Tan is the one I use the most that is my favorite and doesn’t have that awful self tanner scent but I linked another one too that I have used that has worked well and the one I use on my face daily.

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