I’m currently having a Harry Potter Marathon with my boys since it was too windy for us to go on a bike ride tonight (they said we can only watch the first 3 since they haven’t finished the other books yet and they don’t want to spoil them) but I’ve been doing a little shopping for some of our upcoming trips so I wanted to share some of my finds with you all. Any of these would be great updates for your summer wardrobe or perfect for a beach vacation which I’m sure a lot of you have planned for this summer. I have really been loving flowy dresses, shell jewelry, anything white, and fun graphic tees. I usually try to pack mostly basics and a lot of solid colors and then mix in a few fun prints and colorful pieces so I can change it up a little. I love bright colors but I also love earthy tones so I never know what I might be in the mood for. Accessories like hats, colorful hair scarves, and fun earrings are also great to bring to change up your outfits. When I’m packing bags I try to stick with basic beachy straw bags and natural neutral colors that will go with everything. And it’s always hard for me not to bring 20 pairs of sunglasses but you cant go wrong with aviators and a a basic black pair if you need to pack light. I always bring a pair of denim shorts (or 5) and a denim skirt because they go with everything and can be dressed up or down and even double as a swim cover-up.

I also added my favorite travel sized products, self tanners, and sunscreens. The mineral sunscreens have been my favorite lately and the Coola spray is amazing because it doesn’t make you white (if you have used all zinc sunscreen you probably know what I’m talking about) and rubs in really well AND it’s reef safe which is a major plus in my book. I also love their Mineral Sun silk Creme that I have been using daily on my face. A lot of people remember to pack their sunscreen but totally forget about protecting their lips too and I have had sunburned lips before which is definitely not fun so don’t forget to pack to SPF lip balm. My favorite is Sun Bum and it comes in a few different colors.

I always bring bug spray (just trust me you will need it) and I try to stick with the DEET free ones that you can usually find in the kids and baby section at Target. I linked one of my favorites with the beauty products.

Those little conditioner packets are amazing for travel and perfect to deep condition your hair after being in the sun and salt water all day. I usually leave them on for 5-10 minutes before I rinse and then towel dry, spray with the beach wave spray, and sleep with a loose french braid so I have beachy waves in the morning.

And though not completely necessary, I usually pack a float or two because they are just fun to have especially if you have kids and they are usually really pricey to buy in most of the touristy places. Most resorts and airbnbs have pumps that you can use to blow them up when you get there and then you can either leave them for future guests or deflate and throw them back in your suitcase. We usually find a family on the beach the last day we are there and give them the floats to enjoy for their trip but sometimes my boys will be attached to them so we deflate and bring them back home.

I hope you find this post helpful when you are packing and you find something you like.












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