It looks like the band tee trend is here to stay and I could not be more happy about it! As I am writing this, I’m starring at a pile of vintage Nirvana tees sitting in the corner of my office. Why? Because they’re about 4 sizes too big for me and I’m just not quite sure what to do with them yet. Band tees used to come in basically one size…ok maybe 2….men’s large and extra large. You were so incredibly lucky if you went to to a concert that actually had women’s size t-shirts. Not today though! There are so many cute band tees for women that I am almost starting to become a band tee hoarder these days! I guess someone out there finally realized that women like Pink Floyd and the Nirvana too. My favorite ways to style my vast collection of band tees that I just can’t seem to stop buying, is with a denim skirt, maxi skirt, or a pair of distressed Levi’s with Converse, Vans, cute sandals, or some Adidas originals. I linked to some of my favorites below. Happy Friday and Happy Shopping!

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