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Of course we had to bring Olaf with us!
They had this little hot chocolate stand with the best hot chocolate!


He lost both of his front teeth while we were on this vacation! This was the day the first one came out.
When the sun goes down they turn lights on so the entire place is lit up and there is music playing. It is truely magical!

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Don’t mind my awkward pose. I was trying to sit on this ice throne but I kept sliding off!
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This slide was the best thing ever for the kids! (okay and maybe the adults too. Haha) I mean when can you ever get to slide through ice tunnels?!? They played music in the tunnels too which was really fun.
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we had some fun with Olaf. Haha.
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Photo by my 8 year old.


They had the coolest tunnels for the kids to climb through. They played in them for a solid hour at least.

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My boots Sorel // Jacket is sold out but similar Here on sale!! // Mittens are from Anthropologie and are sold out but similar ones Here and hat is from Target and also sold out but I love this one Here too // The boys’ outfits from head to toe are from GAP Kids // Olaf plush Disney Store

It’s May and I am just now posting winter vacation photos! Actually, I hurt my back working out (honestly, I have no clue what I did but it hurts so I’m taking a few days off from the gym) and it’s also my excuse for not vacuuming and finally posting these pictures from our trip to the Ice Castles in Lincoln, NH instead.

We went to Stowe,VT for a little winter getaway since our Florida boys don’t get to see any snow down here (I’m going to do another post on that part of the trip) and I found out the Ice Castles were only a 2 hour drive away so of course we had to go! I would recommend buying tickets early online so you can pick your day and time so they don’t sell out. Also, weekdays are a lot less crowded and a little cheaper. I was actually surprised at how inexpensive the tickets were. Totally worth every single penny! This place was just magical and truly a once in a lifetime experience.

These pictures do not even do it justice….I would never want to forget how beautiful this place was! If you plan to go, definitely go a little before it gets dark so you can get some well lit pictures and then stay until after the sun goes down so you can see it all beautifully lit up. They have plenty there to keep the kids busy and exploring. I couldn’t keep my boys off of the slide! My husband and I both went on it too and they even have music playing inside. They also had these little tunnels everywhere for the  kids to climb through and they loved doing that too. Definitely wear really warm clothes… I know that is kind of obvious but it might be a good idea to put the kid’s snow pants on too and some long johns bc mine were freezing after a while. They had jeans and long johns and two pairs of socks but after the sun went down they started to get cold and the snow pants would’ve been great for the slide and the tunnels. Once you are all freezing they have the cutest little hot chocolate stand right there so you can get something to warm you up and they have little ice benches that you can sit on to drink it.

Anyway, I have about 3 or 4 more sets of winter travel photos to post so I will hopefully have them all up by the end of the weekend (I’m really being ambitious here). We are going on our first summer trip in less than a month and I can’t wait! I’m so excited for the kids to be out of school next week and to do some fun summer stuff with them. I know usually parents are freaking out bc the kids are going to be home all summer and I’m sure I will have my moments of insanity but things are always so crazy and busy during the school year with after school activities and homework and everything that I’m just excited to spend some time with them that doesn’t involve nagging about math homework or running to sports practices. It’s late and tomorrow is Friday so I think I can officially say have an awesome weekend!!

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