I love ice skating and so do my boys!
Snow Angel! I didn’t have the heart to tell him he was supposed be on his back. 😂 Florida boys! He was just so excited!
Ghost hunting! There were these creepy covered bridges everywhere and legand has it that this one, Emily’s Bridge, is haunted. We drove through it but didn’t see anything spooky.


Just a random Christmas tree in the woods. 🤷🏼‍♀️
More ice skating of course!
Free hot chocolate and s’mores! Does it get any better?!? Not when  you’re 6 and 8 and freezing!!


We did a lot of ice skating!
Skiing! The boys are so much better than me which I guess really isnt saying much. 😂 Really though…no bunny slopes for them…they were tearing it up out there! (Not pictured…me awkwardly attempting to ski and looking like the abominable snowman. I should probably stick to the water sports.)

IMG_6469 2


We were lucky they just happened to be doing an ice carving competition one of the days we were there!


We took this trip to Stowe, VT back in January which turned out to be one of the best times to go. We went the week after the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend and it was not crowded at all!! It also happened to be the week that the Stowe Winter Carnival was going on so there was a ton to do! We went to Stowe Mountain Resort to go skiing and ice skating and there was an ice carving competition going on which was really awesome to watch! It is just crazy to me how they can shape these giant blocks of ice with chainsaws and these insane tools and turn them into amazing works of art. We got there early so we got to see them carving and then when we were done skiing we got to see the finished ice sculptures. They also had FREE hot chocolate and s’mores for everyone!  We spent a lot of time at the ice rink since we all love to ice skate. You can rent skates there and they have lockers for all of your stuff.  There are a ton of restaurants and other things to do on the mountain so you can kind of just go and spend the day.

One of the first things we did when we got there was rent sleds and we went searching for a good sledding hill. We were lucky that it snowed the day before we got there so it was perfect sledding weather.  We found an awesome hill behind a school and did some exploring and there was also a road on the mountain that they close in the winter that you can hike on with some great hills there too! It didn’t really snow the rest of the week while we were there until the night before we had to fly home but we woke up that morning and got to make a snowman right outside of our hotel room before we drove to the airport.

We stayed at Field Guide which had gorgeous rooms and was really close to everything. You can walk downtown and it’s only a 5 -10 minute drive from just about everything. We ate at a lot of different restaurants while we were there but we all agreed that the restaurant at Field Guide was our favorite. Their grilled cheese on the kids menu is to die for. Yes…grilled cheese. Just trust me!! Really it was all amazing food so you can’t go wrong with anything there and every morning they brought us a basket with juice, freshly baked breakfast deliciousness, oats, and fruit.

Usually when people think of Stowe they just think of skiing but there are so many other things to do there too! The boys really enjoyed going to the Ben and Jerry’s Factory and you can read that post HERE. If  you are able to make the drive the Ice Castles are a few hours away and totally worth it! You can read that post Here.  Have a great weekend!

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