1. L’ORÉAL Lip Pallette

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This has been my go to for lips lately. I love all of the colors and that you can mix the colors to get the perfect shade. Some of the colors are matte and some cream and it also has this shimmery highlighter shade. It’s great just to throw in your bag or to bring if you are traveling so you don’t have to bring a ton of different lip colors.

2. Cremo Moisturizing Concentrated Shave Cream Coconut Mango

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I ran out of my usual shaving lotion and I saw this and had to try it bc I’m a sucker for anything coconut or mango. I’m so glad I did bc this is my new favorite! Not only does it smell amazing, it makes my legs the smoothest they have ever been. My husband even noticed how smooth they are. It’s really concentrated too so it lasts a long time.

3. Wet n Wild Gel Lip Liner

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These are on sale for $1.49 and they are amazing!! They go on really smooth and last forever. You don’t even need to put color over them because they look so good by themselves. The colors are all great too!! A definite must have especially at that price!!


 4. Estée Lauded Double Wear Foundation

I usually use drugstore foundation but the reviews on this were all amazing so I had to try it. I wore it to the gym one day and after 30 minutes of sweating on the stairmaster it still looked just as good as when I put it on that morning! Definitely my new favorite. I need something that will last through the heat and humidity here and this is definitely the one!


5. Estée Lauder Double Wear Concealer

I loved the foundation so much I had to get the concealer too. It actually covers my dark circles better than anything I have ever tried and stays on all day.

6. L’Oréal Infallible Paints Blush Palette

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These colors are great for any skin tone and you can mix them to get your perfect shade. I always have problems with blush wearing off but these stay on all day! Also great for travel!


7. It’s a 10! Miracle Deep Conditioner Plus Keratin

After having one hairdresser over bleach my highlights and another turn my hair green from a toner this stuff has saved my hair! It feels like new hair. Definitely great for summer when your hair needs some extra TLC from all of the sun and swimming.


I am the palest Florida girl ever and I have tried A LOT of different self tanners. This one is the holy grail of self tanners…it doesn’t streak or smell weird and you can customize it by leaving it on for more or less time depending on how dark you want your tan.

 9. Mikasa Make-up Brushes

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These are my favorite make-up brushes. Sometimes the right make-up brush can make all the difference in the world and these ones are the best out there!! Also, the code will give you 25% off of anything on their site…not just the brushes.

 10. NYX Soft Focus Tinted Primer

Buy one get one 50% off right now!

I love this primer bc it has a little color to it and really evens out your skin tone. Some days I only wear this and I don’t even need to put in foundation.

These are some of my favorite beauty products that I have tried in the past month. I’m always trying new ones so I will post the good ones on here. I love finding great beauty deals on products that turn out to be amazing like that lip liner for $1.49! Totally makes my day!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and an amazing Monday (do those even exist? Haha). I actually wrote this post 2 days ago but somehow none of it saved even though I remember saving it like 40 times. Oh well..here it is again! It has been so rainy here lately but we finally got to enjoy some sunshine this weekend. We usually try to go on neighborhood bike rides to the beach with the kids just about every night but we haven’t even been able to do that with all of the rain. We just sold our boat and are in the process of getting a newer slightly larger one so we haven’t been offshore fishing in ages and we got to go out with some friends on their boat over the weekend and then we took the kids to this little cove in the river so they could splash around and play. I didn’t get to do much fishing because I was sooooooo seasick. I have never been that bad but it was a lot rougher out there than it was supposed to be when we checked the weather. I usually don’t get seasick unless it is really choppy out there but it was awful! We did catch some fish though and the kids had a blast so all worth it!

I feel like I did nothing but pack all day yesterday!! I always take FOREVER to pack because I’m afraid we will forget something but then my husband reminds me that they have stores where we are going. Haha. We are leaving later today to stay over at the airport (in a hotel obviously) because our flight leaves at 6 am the following day and the airport is 3.5 hours from our house so that just seemed like a better idea than leaving at midnight to get there in time for our flight. 😉 The boys are super excited about where we are going and they keep saying they won’t mind the 13.5 hours of flying and that they don’t care how long we have to travel to get there…we shall see. 😉 They are usually really good travelers but this will be their longest flight to date. I can never sleep on planes so I’m just hoping I will be so tired that I will be able to because we are all going to need some extra sleep to catch up for the time change. I still have a ton to do before we leave and I’m going to try to squeeze in one more workout today since I skipped yesterday and packed all day.  Posts from our trip coming soon or check my Instagram for pics (links to my social media are in the right menu above). I hope everyone has a great week!❤

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