We woke up at 5 am (6 hour time difference) and this was after the Lanikai pillbox hike, a few hours at Lanikai beach, and snorkeling at Hanauma Bay. The Venti was much needed. 😉

My Swimsuit (Under $20!)// Hat $26 (this is my favorite beach hat ever!)// Sunnies

Lanikai Beach is known to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and it definitely lives up to that! These pictures do not even begin to do it justice. I think this was our second or third day in Hawaii so we were still waking up pretty early with the 6 hour time difference. We didn’t mind at all though because we got out and about early and got to fit in a lot on these days. This day we started with the Lanikai Pillbox Hike, you can see my post on that Here. We finished up the hike around mid day and headed over to this gorgeous beach for a few hours to cool off. We didn’t get a ton of pictures because we were mostly just swimming and taking in the views and we took a lot of pics during the hike. I always bring lots of snacks so we didn’t have to stop for lunch yet. That is one thing you learn when you have kids…bring snacks if you don’t want to stop every 5 minutes to eat. Haha. The boys were really troopers though…after the hike, the beach, and then after this we went snorkeling at Hanauma bay and they were still going strong! It always amazing me how they never seem to get jet lag…ever!! Are anyone else’s kids like this? I feel like they adjust so much better than adults…not just to the different time zones but with altitude too whenever we go to the mountains. I always get altitude sickness the first day but they are totally fine. They definitely didn’t act like they were coming out of 15 hours of travel and they didn’t have jet lag at all when we got home either (unlike me 🙄). We ended up getting ginormous (aka Venti) iced coffees from Starbucks on the way back to our hotel (we stayed at the Hyatt Centric Waikiki Beach while we were in Waikiki which I highly recommend….the rooms were amazing….and at an airbnb on the North Shore) and the kids got their favorite vanilla bean Frappuccinos. If you haven’t noticed from all my coffee related graphic tees…I like coffee. 😉 As I am writing this it keeps telling me that my post is not saving so I REALLY hope I don’t have to rewrite this 🙄. Also, I’m drinking coffee right now with the new Reese’s Peanutbutter Cup coffee creamer I just got and I must say I’m a little disappointed. Too chocolately for me….just doesn’t go well with coffee and I LOVE Reese’s. Guess I will stick with the vanilla and pumpkin spice next time.

Anyway, if you go to Oahu you have to go to this beach because it is breathtakingly gorgeous and if you are up for it do the hike nearby too. It definitely isn’t for the weak or those who are afraid heights but it was a fairly easy climb for us (my kids made it so I’m sure you can too) and the views are amazing!!

Today is one of those Thursdays that definitely feels like it should be Friday! I’m going to try to get a few more posts up this weekend. We are doing a beach clean-up on Saturday (sooooo much trash has washed ashore after this storm 😢). We always bring a trash bag with us when we go to the beach and pick up any that we find. The kids have a birthday party to go too and we might hit up Legoland at some point. I hope everyone has a great weekend!! (I know it’s not officially Friday yet but almost!) xo

*Please ignore the post date. The original post date was 9-21-2017. Due to losing most of my blog content when I was switching to a self hosted blog platform I had to manually re-post it.

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