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It only takes a category 5 hurricane for me to finally get around to posting some of our Hawaii pics! We have been so crazy busy lately that I just haven’t had time to go through all 3,000 pictures yet. But here I am sitting in a hotel room at 1 am writing this post because what else do you do when you drink Starbucks at 8 pm ( I totally thought it was like 3:30 🤷🏼‍♀️) and everyone else is sleeping. Way better than me checking hurricane updates every 2 seconds! Also, when I got up to get my IPad to do this post I ran into a chair and I’m pretty sure I have massive bruising on both of my legs now….kind of afraid to look at them in the morning. 🙈
Anyway, these pics are from one of my favorite days in Hawaii. Can you tell I had a hard time narrowing down the pics? Total over post here but I really had a hard time choosing. We were driving to check out another part of the island and stopped at a beach along the way where we found this rope swing attached to a guava tree. We ended up spending almost the whole day here because it was so nice and shady and the kids (ok and us too) were having so much fun on that rope swing! It is just so awesome that the people in Hawaii put all of these fun swings on the beach. They are everywhere… you just have to look for them which is part of the fun. We honestly had no clue we were going to find this when we stopped at a random beach for the day but it was such a nice surprise. The boys had fun with some of the fallen guavas too and were mashing them up trying to get us to eat them and making secret potions. Looking at these pictures REALLY makes me want to go back to Hawaii… especially since I am sitting here awaiting the arrival of hurricane Irma. We are safe where we evacuated to but will still be experiencing hurricane conditions so I might actually get some blogging done this weekend being stuck inside…and hopefully with power!🤞🏻 Anyone reading this who is also in Florida I hope you are all safe and I am sending lots if good vibes your way!! I will be posting some more from our trip to Hawaii soon! xo

*Please ignore the date of this post. The original post date was 9-9-17. Due to losing most of my blog content when switching to a self hosted blog platform, I had to manually re-post.

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