I’m so excited to be able post on here again! If you watch my stories on Instagram then you probably saw my rant about how I lost most of my blog content when I was switching over to a different site. It wasn’t anyone’s fault…the two sites just weren’t compatible which resulted in a LOT of extra work for me but in the end it actually ended up being kind of fun for me and definitely a learning experience rebuilding my entire site from scratch by myself. I will probably change it up a bit but for now I’m just keeping it simple. I’m going to start a new series of posts called “Favorites Friday” and I will post my favorite things every Friday…this week I decided to do skincare since spring and summer are approaching and you will notice I included a lot of sunblock. To me, sunblock is the most important part of any skincare routine. It doesn’t matter how many anti-aging creams you use, if you don’t protect your skin from the sun they aren’t going to help much. I usually wear a hat when I’m at the beach or going to be out for a long time too. The Florida sun is pretty intense so I am very strict about my sunblock for me and the boys. We mostly use Sun Bum and I use a really high SPF by Neutrogena on my face. The stick sunblocks like these are really great for kids and easy to apply when they are trying to run away from you (moms you know what I’m talking about right?!?). The products I linked to above are all things that I personally use and love. I mostly stick to a gentle cleanser and try to do a mask at least once a week (ok usually it’s more like once a month because I rarely have time to sit around with anything on my face but once a week would be ideal). I also started taking these Beauty Boost vitamins and the Vital Proteins Collagen a few weeks ago and I do feel like they are helping my skin and hair and my nails seems like they aren’t breaking as easily. If you don’t want to spend the money for the Beauty Boost you can also just take a Biotin supplement. I love these biotin gummies. I am loving anything with hyaluronic acid lately so you will notice that a lot of the products that I linked to contain that. The Neutrogena Hydro boost line is one of my favorites. Leave me a comment with some of your favorite skin care products. I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! The boys have soccer games tomorrow and the weather here has been gorgeous lately so I’m hoping to get in some beach time too.

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