Beach Essentials

Spring break is almost here so I thought I would do a post with all of my beach essentials. Whether you are going on a trip with some friends or spending some time with your family I tried to include a little for both. Some are obvious like sunblock (I linked to my faves and my favorite self tanner) and towels but I tried to throw in a few that you might not think of like an umbrella holder. Trust me…you need this. Have you ever tried putting an umbrella in the sand with two kids, a cooler, an armload of stuff, and 25 mph winds? Seriously though those things are amazing and it keeps your umbrella from flying away and helps wedge it into the sand so much better. I didn’t even know these existed until one of my awesome neighbors saw me struggling and ran back to her house to lend me one. It was life changing! Haha. We go to the beach A LOT because we can walk there from our house so anything that means I have to carry less or make less trips back to the house is always a plus. I love having a beach cart to throw everything on…it makes life sooooo much easier. Cooler, chairs (I linked to my favorite watermelon chair that is only $10), umbrella, beach bag, sand toys, inflatables, kids…just throw ‘em all on there and go! We love to bring inflatables to the beach so I linked to some of the more durable ones. We always bring a cooler…I like to bring one of the cooler bags when I bring the kids by myself because they’re just easier for me to carry. I also always bring something so we can listen to music. The portable Bluetooth speaker I linked to is sand and waterproof and made especially for taking to the beach. The best water bottles I’ve found that actually keep your water cold even in the Florida heat are the stainless steel ones and I linked to the one that I have. I use this water bottle for EVERYTHING…the gym, the beach, I fill it up before I go to bed and keep it Beside my bed so I have cold water all night…I can’t live without it! Another beach must have for me is a hat. No matter how much sunblock you put on I still think having a hat for extra protection is a good idea. I usually wear one of the “lifeguard” style hats that have the string on the bottom because they just stay on better if it’s windy. I wear trucker hats a lot too and I love a good floppy hat as long as it’s not too windy (I have lost WAY too many in the ocean so I learned the hard way not to wear them if it’s windy). I didn’t include the obvious, swimsuits, because there were just WAY too many so I’m going to do a separate swim post soon!

I hope everyone is having a great week! I am currently binge watching “The New Girl” and getting ready to do some meal prep for the rest of the week . The boys just got this Laser x laser tag game and it is soooo much fun! We got 4 sets so we could all play (2 of the 2 player sets) and we have been having family laser tag nights all week. I hope these are the things the boys will remember when they get older…I know I will! Is anyone else totally dreading the time change this weekend? I’m definitely not excited about losing an hour of sleep. I have such a hard time getting to bed early (It’s 11:30 now and I’m up doing this while everyone else is sleeping). It’s my fault for staying up so late but I just like staying up and doing things that I know I won’t have time for tomorrow but then I have THE hardest time getting up in the morning. I always feel like I need about 3 more hours of sleep. I hope everyone has an amazing rest of the week! Check back soon for my swim post.

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