Truth be told, this will probably not be my last swimsuit post before summer. I have an insane amount of swimsuits and it’s what I enjoy shopping for most. I definitely don’t love how I look in every swimsuit I try on but I think it’s important for every woman to have a swimsuit (or 30) she loves and feels good in. I have found lately that I usually just feel most comfortable in one pieces. I still wear bikinis from time to time but I’m always running around with the kids and snorkeling and doing mom stuff so I just feel better when I’m not worried about my boob falling out if you know what I mean and there are so many cute ones now.

I don’t know why I love swimsuits so much…maybe it’s because they remind me of fun days at the beach and traveling to tropical places. I hope you can find a swimsuit you love too! I linked to a ton of different styles and I own quite a few of these so if you have any questions on sizing just leave me a comment or email me. My favorite suit I bought so far this year is the hot pink one piece linked above from ASOS. It comes in one size fits all sizing which scared me because they are usually too big for me but this one fits perfectly and is really stretchy so it will fit almost anyone. Another one of my favorites are the cut out styles and anything high waisted or with a retro feel. And I am loving all of the gingham and citrus prints. The best fitting bikini I have ever owned is this one. I also linked to it above and it comes in a few different colors.

The weekend is almost here! I’m catching up on “The Walking Dead” tonight while I’m finishing this post. I have been so exhausted and stressed this week I don’t think we will be doing much this weekend except the boys soccer games and maybe trying to get outside and plant some things and enjoy the cooler temps we’ve been having (and by cooler I means 65-70). I’m sure it will be back up in the 80s soon so I’m going to try to get a few more sweater wearing days in while I can. Have a great weekend everyone!

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