I was trying to get this post up sooner but this week has been crazy so this for all of you last minute shoppers like me (and if there are any guys reading this…I can guarantee you that my hubby hasn’t even thought about Mother’s Day yet). These are just a few fun things I found that are a little different than the usual flowers and gift baskets. Don’t get me wrong, those are great too and gift cards for their favorite store, restaurant, or spa are always a good go to especially if you need something last minute. Honestly, my favorite gifts are the ones that my kids make for me that cost nothing. Those are the ones that I will save and cherish forever and from year to year I love to see how much they have changed and grown by comparing the things they have made me over the years. As long as I get something from them that comes from their heart and a big hug that’s what means the most. I just thought some of these were fun to go along with your usual Mother’s Day gift and I actually own a few of them. I have been eyeing that cold brew coffee maker for a while so I might just have to get myself a little Mother’s Day gift. I have the “Mom Life Is The Best Life” sweatshirt and it is the comfiest shirt I own. I wear it every single day around the house (and out most days too). I am off to run some errands with the boys and hopefully get in some beach time later. I hope you all have a great weekend!

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