He was in a hurry to get to piggy beach!

I was planning to do a blog post for for each day we were in Exuma but the first day was just so epic that I have to do at least 3 for that one day! We started our Bahamas trip at Altantis and you can read my post on that here. We flew from Nassau to George Town which is only about a 35 minute flight but they are often delayed so be prepared to be at least an hour behind schedule. Our flight was delayed and hour so we didn’t get to Grand Isle Resort where we were staying in Exuma until around 8:30 pm. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice our room was…it was more of a condo than a room! We had a full kitchen, living room with a sofa bed for the boys, a gorgeous balcony with an ocean view, and a huge bathroom! It didn’t take us all long to feel at home there. I highly recommend this resort. Everything we got at the restaurant there was amazing (I especially recommend the crab cakes and the sweet potato fries) and they have a great pool and beach area with tons of amenities. They did so much for us for our anniversary too and everyone working there was so sweet! I really wish we could’ve stayed longer. They even let us use another entire house to shower, change, and hang out before our flight home since they couldn’t give us a late checkout due to our suite being booked. One of our best resort experiences (if not THE best) ever!

The next morning we had a boat tour scheduled bright and early at 7:40 to see some of the other islands. The tour company we used was Sugar Adventure Company. We did the full day tour and it was AMAZING! Definitely the highlight of our trip and we got to see so much in one day. It is definitely a long day but totally worth it. These pics are from the first island we visited with the swimming pigs. Some of them were huge and kind of intimidating at first but they will eat right out of your hand (watch your fingers) and the little ones are so cute. The boys loved feeding them especially the babies. When we got there we were the only boat there so we got all of the pigs’ attention.

I know pigs on an island seems kind of bazar and there are a few rumors of how they may have gotten there a long time ago. Some say a group of sailors left them there and some say that they swam there from a shipwreck. I don’t think anyone really knows for sure how they got there but it is definitely interesting to see.

I’m working on getting the rest of my Exuma posts up hopefully this week. I had soooo many pictures to go through but I think I’m finally through most of them. We got a lot of fun videos too so I might try to throw together a vlog. I hope you are all having an amazing weekend. I can’t wait for the 4th!💥

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