It’s finally here! The  Nordstrom anniversary sale! I don’t know about you guys but I have been waiting for this sale for weeks. It is really one of the best sales of the year. The great thing about this sale is that they have new fall trends at clearance prices so you are not just getting last season’s leftovers, you are getting new trends for the upcoming season at insanely good prices. This is the perfect time to buy some staple pieces for your wardrobe. There are a ton of great jackets on sale and great basics and if you are currently expecting they have a ton of cute maternity clothes included in the sale too! Definitely shop early and if you see something you really want buy it now because things sell out so fast with these prices. You can always return it if you change your mind. Nordstrom makes returns so easy with the shipping labels they include with their packages or you can always return it to the store too. Also, if you are unsure of sizes I would order a couple of different sizes so you don’t miss out from having to return due to fit. You can keep the one that fits best and return the others. The main things I will be buying are jackets because they have so many good ones on sale and a lot of cute sweaters and basic tops. I love getting my basics during this sale because you can get such great prices on quality pieces you will wear a lot. I was up until 2am last night trying to put this post together and then the site crashed and it wouldn’t let me finish. Then this morning my blog wouldn’t save my post and completely erased the whole thing so please excuse any typos. Not having good luck today but I hope you all have better luck buying your favorites before they sell out! I will do another post when the sale opens to the public (right now until the 20th it is early access shopping for card members only. If you don’t have a Nordstrom card it is super easy to apply on their site.) Even if you can’t shop the early access you can still add any items you are planning to get to your wishlist if you have an account on the Nordstrom site. You can also easily create an account which is not the same as signing up for the credit card it’s just so you can login to save your cart or add things to your wishlist and makes checking out easier since your address and everything are already saved. If you go on now to add things to your wishlist then you will already have your favorites picked out so you can just add them to your cart on the 20th and quickly check out to better your chances of getting your items. I have had things sell out in a matter of minutes from my cart while I was shopping so the quicker you can check out the better. I would highly recommend shopping early if you can because things often sell out before the sale even opens to the public. Happy Shopping!


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