This was probably my favorite day of our trip. I am terrified of heights so I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about The Top of The Rock but the views were so incredible I forgot all about my fear of heights (except when we went to the very top with barely any guard rails….I lasted about 2 seconds up there. Haha). This view is better than the one from the Empire State building because this one has the Empire State Building in it! So if you have to choose definitely go the the Top of the Rock because the views are better in my opinion. Even if you aren’t brave enough to venture out onto the observation deck you can still get an amazing view from the windows inside.

There is a lot to do around this area so we spent the whole first half of the day here. After the Top of the Rock we got Pizza at Teresa’s nearby. We knew we wanted to get some pizza but had no idea where to go for the good stuff so we asked someone working at Top of the Rock and they told us to go there. It did not disappoint. The crust was perfect and not too greasy. They also had some really amazing looking sandwiches too. I let the boys get sodas which I rarely do but Nicolas was so excited about his limited edition Dr. Pepper can with a llama on it that he carried it around with him all day and wouldn’t let us throw it away. He loves llamas because of Fortnite (and because they’re cute).

After lunch we ventured to Times Square, snapped a few pics, went to the M&M store and left. We are really just not Times Square people but it’s something you have to see at least once! The M&M store is crazy crowded but they do have a bathroom as long as you don’t mind waiting for all of eternity to use it. And if you like M&Ms then this is the place for you!

We promised the boys we would take them to Dylan’s Candy Bar too since it wasn’t too far from our route back to the hotel. BEST candy store EVER! You haven’t been to a candy store until you have been to this one in NYC. Even if you don’t have kids you should still go if you have a sweet tooth because they have everything you could ever imagine (and also a bathroom and you don’t have to wait forever here). I have a major sweet tooth so I think I enjoy these candy store visits as much as the boys do. We filled up our bags and had some goodies for our LONG walk back to the hotel. Is it crazy that we walked over 13 miles that day and really didn’t even notice until we got back how far we had walked?!? We walked through Central Park a lot of the way back and stopped so the boys could play for a while. I could really walk around Central Park forever.  I think we went to Starbucks somewhere in there too because I know I didn’t go that whole day and walk 13 miles without my afternoon coffee fix.

We ended up grabbing sushi (and cookies from Levain Bakery….more on how amazing those are in my DAY 1 post) for dinner at a place near the hotel and then just crashed for the rest of the night.

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