The Statue of Liberty is something we promised the boys we would do on this trip so even though it was rainy and cold we decided to go anyway since this was our last full day and we knew we wouldn’t have time to go before our flight the next day (which ended up being just as rainy anyway). We didn’t buy tickets in advance so we just did the basic tickets instead of going all the way to the top which you have to buy tickets for weeks (possibly months) in advance but we were totally fine with just going to see it. We attempted to get some pics but it was SO windy, and rainy that we didn’t get many with us in them that turned out ok. I’m so glad we decided to go though because they boys are still talking about it and it was really incredible to see in person.

After seeing Lady Liberty, we decided to get an Uber to Brooklyn since it isn’t too far from where you get off the ferry. It was still raining but since it was our last full day in the city we wanted to do as much as we could. We grabbed lunch at Shake Shack and it was probably the nicest Shake Shack I have ever been in with a cute little fireplace that we were lucky enough to get a seat next to since we were all wet and freezing. After lunch we were planning to go walk the bridge but it started really pouring so we just walked around for a while and admired the bridges from afar. That is on my list for our next NYC trip and exploring more of Brooklyn since we didn’t get to see much there this trip.

We took an Uber back to our hotel and went to Carmine’s for dinner. I talked about this place in my Day 1 post too and it is SO good! They have the best Italian food and HUGE family style portions. We ordered whatever special they had for that day and it had 4 different kinds of pasta. It was probably enough for 10 people and we were so sad we couldn’t bring our leftovers back with us since we didn’t have a fridge in our hotel room. One of the dishes was veggie lasagna and Liam, who would not touch a vegetable if his life depended on it, ate about 4 servings of it! It is THAT good! My favorite was the gnocchi. It was definitely one of our favorite dinners and we really loved the atmosphere and the nice walk (in the rain but still nice) to get there.

On our last day we didn’t have to leave to go to the airport until around 4 pm so we got a late checkout at our hotel and they let us keep our luggage there after checkout so we didn’t have to lug it everywhere. It was raining pretty bad so we decided to stay close to the hotel and go to The American Museum of Natural History. It was just around the corner from our hotel (you can read more about our hotel in DAY 1 ). The line to get into the museum was CRAZY but the kids all had the day off of school so that might be why. I have never been there before so I don’t have anything to compare it to so I’m not sure if its always that crazy. You could spend forever in this museum and still not see it all. It is nice that you can leave and come back if you want to leave and grab lunch somewhere (we left and went to Shake Shack down the street which was also crazy crowded). A nice lady in line behind us told us you can get in with just a donation if you aren’t planning on doing all of the extras and just want to walk around. You can donate any amount you would like which is great if you know you will only be there for an hour or two and you wont be able to see everything. My boys really loved the museum and I definitely want to go back when we can spend the whole day.


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