When do your kids start back to school? Mine start back the second week of August so “Back to School” is already on our minds. I took the boys to Walmart to pick out a few essentials. Who am I kidding? There is no way that cereal will make it until the end of this week let alone the second week of August but Walmart is offering DOUBLE BOX TOPS right now so how could I resist?! Yes… you heard me right…DOUBLE BOX TOPS which means a lot more money for your kids’ school.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch is our favorite!
Full cart full heart!

If you have kids, chances are that you have at least heard of the Box Tops For Education program. I remember clipping box tops even back when I was in school and that was a LONG time ago. Just in case you haven’t heard of this awesome program, let me explain. You purchase participating products with the box tops label and you can clip the box top label and earn money for your school. There are TONS of participating products…. cereal, Paper Mate mechanical pencils, Lysol wipes, Nestle Pure Life water etc. You can find a full brand list here . To find out more about Walmart’s DOUBLE BOX TOPS offer click here. Just look for the box tops label.

Sounds easy right? Well, it just got even easier with the new Box Tops app! No more clipping! You can still clip the box tops that you already have and send them to school with your child if they are not expired but the labels are changing and Box Tops just got a whole lot easier. Look for the new light blue Box Tops labels that say “No More Clipping. Scan Your Receipt”. Participating brands are starting to change their packaging from a traditional Box Tops label to this new “digital” label. The Box Tops program will eventually become digital-only which makes our lives so much easier! 

Annie’s mac ‘n’ cheese and bunny fruit snacks are a staples at our house!

If you see the new label, you can use the new Box Tops app to scan your receipt. Box Tops are still worth 10¢ for your school (and Walmart is offering double right now). The app will find participating products purchased at any store and instantly add cash to your school’s earnings online. You can even see how much money your school has earned, how much you have contributed, and access special bonus offers on top of your everyday Box Tops earnings.

The love for Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Annie’s Mac n’ Cheese runs deep at our house so I will definitely be taking advantage of Walmart’s DOUBLE BOX TOPS offer and this new easy Box Tops app to earn money for their school!

*This post was sponsored by General Mills. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

*DOUBLE BOX TOPS offer is available exclusively at Walmart from 6/24/19 -9/8/19

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