I am FINALLY working on getting all of my posts up from our Hawaii trip back in June. This is the first of many. I almost had a mini heart attack just now because I have been working on this all day and thought I just accidentally deleted it! Jonathan and I both had a dream that we were in Maui last night so I thought that was a sign that I needed to finally get my Hawaii posts up (and maybe that we need to go back Maui)! Every time we go to Hawaii we talk about moving there. It just feels right…and don’t get me wrong I love Florida but Hawaii is definitely my happy place. We visited three islands this time and I had over 3500 pictures to go through on top of the crazy amount of work I had to catch up on when we got back (I WAY overextended myself for June and July….I don’t even know what I was thinking taking on so much) so I haven’t been able to get anything posted as fast as I usually do. We had a trip planned to NYC this weekend but decided to cancel because life has been so busy and we are all really looking forward to doing nothing….or going to Disney….probably the latter (which is the complete opposite of doing nothing. haha. But Disney makes me happy too).

Anyway, on to the beach which is most likely why you are reading this. This was not an easy beach to find and we actually found it by accident. It’s located on the south west side of Maui near Kihei and Wailea. (If you are looking for a good place to stay in that area that isn’t crazy expensive I highly recommend the Residence Inn Maui Wailea). I had some sketchy directions I found on Pinterest which took us down a dirt road to a parking lot where we parked the car (this was Maluaka Beach parking lot). The parking lot and beach are not marked but if you put “Maluaka Beach” into your GPS it will get you to the parking lot. After you park, take a right from the parking lot and walk until you see a public beach (this is Maluaka Beach and it’s not visible from the parking lot). It’s also a beautiful beach and is supposed to have incredible snorkeling (plus there are bathrooms and showers there) so if you want to spend the day there and skip my sketchy hike that would be amazing too (but trust me this beach is worth the hike)!

After you pass the beach showers, you will take a left and walk on a grassy hill past some golf condos and there is a barely noticeable path along the edge of the grassy hill and some lava rocks (see I told you it’s sketchy) and you will take that until it ends and then you will be back to the grassy hill. When you see a little cove with some lava rocks and a black sand beach that looks like paradise (see photos above), fight your way through the bushes down to the beach (we did all of this in flip flops but I would highly recommend wearing actual shoes because there is no marked path to the beach) and you made it! The waves were spraying about 15 feet in the air when they hit the rocks and it doesn’t seem like it would be the safest swimming beach so be careful especially if you have little ones. It is beautiful though and we had it all to ourselves! You probably can’t even tell from my photos that it’s a black sand beach but I promise you it is (see my proof below)!

I think this little beach is somewhere between Maluaka and One’uli beach. We were originally trying to get to One’uli beach but then we found this gem by accident. A little harder to get to but totally worth it to spend the afternoon on a gorgeous deserted beach. We could see One’uli beach from this beach so it might be considered part of that beach. When you are ready to go back just go the way you came and then you can rinse off at the public beach showers. This was definitely one of my favorite beaches in Maui and there are a lot of little beaches over in the same area that aren’t as touristy so you can spend the day beach hopping and then go grab some food at Da Kitchen which has THE BEST plate lunches and they are huge or go to Paia Fish Market if you are in the mood for seafood which was also amazing! Or get pizza from Outrigger Pizza Co (just trust me it’s the best…get the lilikoi pork pizza). There are also a few little food and shave ice trucks along the drive too. I know this is major picture overload in this post but it was so pretty there and the boys were having so much fun! I linked a similar swimsuit that comes in 9 colors and is only $16.99 at the bottom if you keep scrolling. Thanks for reading and I hope you love this beach as much a I do!

Similar swimsuit linked below comes in 9 colors (including a snake print) and is only $16.99. I also linked my two favorite pairs of denim shorts that I wear pretty much everyday and are a must have for any beach trip.

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