Jonathan had to go to DC for work and the boys have never been there so we all tagged along and we only had about 3 days to really do everything before he had to be at his work seminar. I knew I wanted to fit in a trip out of the city to go apple picking and to a pumpkin patch which we were originally planning to do on Sunday but it was supposed to rain ALL day Sunday (and it did rain… ALLLLL day) so we had to change our plans to Saturday instead. We had a rental car for Sunday but there were no rental cars anywhere in all of DC and any of the surrounding areas available for Saturday. We spent a solid two hours trying to find one and then just decided to look for other options and taking an Uber actually ended up being the cheapest and not much more than we would’ve paid to rent a car anyway.

We went to Homestead Farms and it was perfect! They had a huge pumpkin patch and an apple orchard that wasn’t a far walk from the pumpkins and a cute store with apple cider and other goodies. The apples were SO good too! It was also the closest place to DC. I had a list of other places to go apple picking and a few other pumpkin patches but we picked this one since we were taking an Uber and it was so much closer than a lot of the others and I’m so glad we did because it was amazing! I have so many pictures we took here so I’m going to do a second post with our pumpkins pics.

If you are planning to go out of the city and want a rental car definitely get one in advance because it was impossible to find one even though we had one booked for the the next day but they wouldn’t let us change days. They also have trains that will take you outside of the city which might be more cost effective if you don’t have a family of 4 but for us the Uber ride was around the same price so we decided to go with that since we would’ve had to get from the train station to the farm anyway.

Definitely allow a a few hours because they have a huge pumpkin patch and some animals too and of course all the apple trees and we could’ve spent all day just picking apples.

I have been trying to work on my DC post all week but my laptop keeps updating and taking forever but I will have that up soon. I am so tired because I have been getting up an hour and a half earlier everyday for the past week which is sooooo hard for me since I am not a morning person at all but I really do feel like it has helped me be more productive so I’m going to try to stick with it. Hopefully it will be easier now that we gained an hour over the weekend but for some reason I’m even more tired today!

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