We were only in Exuma for 3 full days (we got in around 8:30 pm the night we arrived and left around 3 pm when we were traveling home) but I feel like we were able to see so much because the island we were on is so small and easy to navigate. We did the boat tour the first day we were there which I recommend because if you set it up for your first day and the weather doesn’t cooperate then you still might be able to go later in your trip if the weather clears up. If you are leaving the day after your boat tour is scheduled and the weather doesn’t cooperate then you will have to miss out so that’s why I recommend scheduling it for your first full day. You can read more about our boat tour here, here, here, and here. The other two days of our trip we rented a car so we could drive around the island and see all of these gorgeous beaches. I would definitely recommend renting a car for at least one day of your stay so you can explore. The island is so beautiful and you can see so much more that way. We were able to get a car delivered right to our resort for $70 a day. The photos above were taken at a little beach off the beaten path on Little Exuma. We just pulled over down a dirt road and there were these two beaches side by side that we had all to ourselves. To get to Little Exuma you just drive over a little one lane bridge and you will find a ton of beaches like this plus the famous “Tropic of Cancer Beach”. While you are on Little Exuma make sure you stop by Tropic Breeze for some lobster poppers and a pina colada. Drive another 5 or 10 minutes to get the best rum cake you will ever have at Mom’s Bakery. You will want to get something for everyone because it WILL get eaten on the way back to your resort and you will be wishing you got 5 more.

Tropic of Cancer Beach had a few people but still not crowded by any means. You definitely have to stop here at least to get a photo and see how beautiful it is.

This was my favorite beach and we came back here several times since it was so close to our resort. Each time we went we were the only ones there! You can find it by typing Coco Plum Beach into your GPS. It is a little off the beaten path and you have to walk a little to find the swings but we all loved the swings and and the little abandoned tiki hut and in the evening during low tide the sandbar went out really far so we could walk for hours looking at starfish, sand dollars, and other random finds. The last two pics above were actually on a sandbar in the middle of the ocean. The swings are not in the best shape so I’m honestly not sure how much longer they will be there or at least be safe to swing on. They are pretty rusty so be prepared to look like you had a self tanner mishap on your hands when you leave. And the rust WILL stain your clothing so this is not the day to wear your favorite white bikini. Try to wear something dark colored if you can because it’s really hard not to get at least some rust on you from the swings. There was another set of swings farther down the beach too but they weren’t really functioning.  You will want to go at low tide if you plan on swinging. The larger swing is in much better shape and is part of the tiki hut. The swings and the tiki hut are there because of a festival that was supposed to take place but ended up getting canceled. I’m glad they canceled it because the thought of careless people trashing this beautiful beach at a festival makes me sick to my stomach.

And of course I can’t leave out the amazing beach and pool at Grande Isle Resort.  They have EVERYTHING from fun donut floats for the kids to paddle boards. We got to enjoy some paddle boarding our last morning before we left to go to the airport. Liam decided he wanted to hang out on the back of mine and he would not sit still. Definitely gave me a workout! We had a great experience at this resort so if you are looking for somewhere to stay in Exuma I highly recommend it. They went above and beyond for us and it’s a great resort if you are bringing the kids (or not bringing the kids). It wasn’t crazy with screaming kids everywhere so if you are looking for some peace and quite you can definitely get that but at the same time it is very kid friendly.

I think I still have one more post to do from this trip (I told you we really crammed A LOT into 3 days) so I am REALLY going to try to get that done this weekend. I have been feeling awful with strep throat this week so I haven’t been very productive and we were supposed to be at Disney today but ended up postponing since I feel so awful and the weather isn’t great either. I’m hoping these antibiotics kick in soon because I’m not good at staying in bed and resting. I hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks for reading!


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  1. Omg your travels are so amazing! These pictures are so incredible. I definitely love that they have a beach you can lounge at all day! Plus those swings are incredible!

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